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Festive Stollen Recipe

Sweet dough Ingredients

400g strong unbleached white flour

10g fresh/7g dried yeast

50g caster sugar

1tsp ground cinnamon

1 egg

50g butter - melted

130ml Warm milk

150g mixed fruit & peel - soaked overnight in brandy or orange juice

6 glaice cherries

50g chopped blanched almonds

Almond Paste


100g Ground Almonds

100g Icing sugar

100g Caster sugar

1 small egg egg lightly beaten or some water

A few drops of lemon juice

½ tsp almond essence


Mix all of the ingredients into a bowl and bring together. Roll into a ball and put aside until needed. It will keep in the fridge for 2 months.


Mix all of the dry ingredients into a mixing bowl, (Flour, Yeast, Sugar, Cinnamon) add melted butter, egg and warm milk. Mix thoroughly to combine, then knead for 8-10 mins until the a dough has formed.

Place in a bowl with oiled cling film and prove for 1 1/2 hours approx.

Knock the air out of the dough and with your rolling pin roll the dough out in to a rectangle shape. Place your soaked fruits, cherries and chopped blanched almonds in the dough and knead in, until combined. Once combined roll out again into an oval shape approx. 30 cm in width and 15 cm height and place the roll of almond paste across the middle section of the dough and fold the dough from top to bottom over your almond paste to envelope it. Ensure the dough is folded underneath otherwise it can pop open when it bakes.

Place on a baking tray lined with non stick baking sheet and cover with your oiled cling film for 30 mins to second prove.

Bake in a pre heated oven at 190c for 30 mins.

Once baked take out of the oven and brush a little melted butter over your cooked stollen and sieve icing sugar over the top for that festive look! Place on a cooling rack then enjoy sliced with your favourite festive tipple!


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