Who, Why and How?....

Hi, my name is Jessica Mooney. In 2003 I moved away to Australia from Leamington Spa to start a new adventure with my now husband, Paul. After a number of years living in Melbourne, Paul and I came back home to Leamington to get married.  We now have two little boys called Louis who is 9 and Sam who is 6. Bread For Life was born out of a simple need and craving for a good wholesome strong but natural loaf of bread. I am the baker and the founder of Bread For Life.

On our travels we'd eaten lots of breads. Melbourne in particular has a great cafe culture, and bread comes with that. Sourdoughs were particularly popular over there and as a brit abroad I'd never tasted bread like it! I think thats where my inspiration came from.

​With the local UK supermarkets only supplying soggy, bland, additive rich bread, I saw this as an opportunity to satisfy my craving and then to share my love of all things bread with my local community.

So I taught myself how to make bread using traditional methods.....and here we are.


Here is why we are unique in what we do.


  • We source all of our  flour from traditional water mills, either from Charlecote Mill or Shipton Mill.

  • We offer workshops that teach the handmaking of various breads, covering long fermentation methods.

  • We offer bespoke groups so any of our classes can be tailored to suit your requests.

  • We offer mid week AND weekend sessions

  • We love to collaborate with local businesses and food groups so if you have an idea, get in touch, we'd love to hear from you!

  • As Warwickshire's first teaching facility for bread making we are pioneers in finding new ways to create breads using wild yeasts and fermenting foods to create these wild yeasts. We are always developing new products to teach and are currently working on a range of new breads to teach with our online classes and face to face when Covid-19 regulations lift.






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