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Jess' debut baking book is not just a baker's recipe book. Time For Bread takes the home baker on international journeys with personal stories and recipes to share, while shining a light on real people baking at home and those that love their craft.


Beautifully illustrated by Brian Hawkins and with a foreward by Rob Swift, this hardback recipe book will give the absolute beginner confidence to bake and will enhance skills for those currently baking bread at home.


Perfecting recipes from basic bread, wholegrain, European breads, flatbreads, through to sourdough, French pastry and sweet dough bakes, there is a recipe in this book for everyone.


'Time for Bread' my debut award winning recipe book is available to buy now!

Gold Winner at the Independent Publisher Book Awards in speciality cookbook category

Amazon 5* Reviews

"A real game changer"

For a first book from Jess Mooney it is right up there with some of the best cookery and baking books on the market. It's not just a book of bread baking recipes but a journey through the baking processes and history which really involves you. The photos and illustrations are well considered and add much to the narrative and guidance of techniques. Mike Sampson

"A wonderful recipe book and so much more"

Love everything about this book. Beautifully presented and packed with story telling, recipes and beautiful photos. Jessica is an expert in her craft but makes it so accessible to everyone! Would highly recommend this book. Harriet Saxton


This is an amazing bread baking book with stunning photography and illustrations. Jess's passion for baking comes through on every page and the recipes, ranging from the truly basic white boule to more complicated croissants, are incredibly easy to follow. The recipes are literally step by step with many tips plus a troubleshooting section at the end. This is not just a book of bread recipes as we travel with Jess on a journey of her life and travels and how her enthusiasm for baking developed. There are also included a few non-baking recipes of dishes to have with the bakes. Jess also takes us on visits to the miller who mills the flour, and the baker she learnt her many skills with plus the history and science behind baking. The Grey Lady

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