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Hang on its a Gluten-Free baking book launch!

Baking can be tricky at the best of times and baking without gluten is one of life's culinary mysteries! I know from experience how difficult it is to do well. It seems simple enough, mix some gluten free flours together and voila you'll have a loaf ...NOT THE CASE! Gluten is a vital protein that comes from wheat which helps to create the elastic texture you get in dough.

This project came about by my interest in writing my own recipe book. A friend and amazing book coach Helen Pollock told me about a wonderful book called "The Writers & Artists year book 2019" which I hastily went out and bought. It was an eye opener for me into the publishing world and so I read it with excitement and dis belief at how much work I still had to do on my own recipe book. I was six months into a book coaching program! Research, research, research was the message. Network, meet published authors, learn from them, plan, know your market, choose the right publisher, if you choose that route. If you don't how are you going to self publish, who will you choose to work with to edit your book and bring it together into one coherent piece of literature. So when I stumbled across a fellow baker, a Tasmanian, Chris Stafferton, online promoting the online launch of his gluten free baking book, "Promise & Fulfillment - formulas for baking without gluten" I was intrigued to learn more from him. Thank you social media! Chris kindly responded to my rather basic amateur questions, such as how long did it take to get your book published? how has the process been for you? Through a few lines of conversation I discovered that Chris was coming over to the UK on a visit to see his family and friends. I asked him if he was planning a UK launch for his new book, when he said no but it could be a possibility I jumped at the chance and offered to organise one.....why not! I was keen to learn more about the process and considered it homework. When he told me he'd be in Evesham (about 40 minutes away) it just felt like this was complete serendipity. So here we are! The book "Promise & Fulfillment - Formulas for baking real bread without gluten" goes on general online release 1st July from all good online retailers.

The UK Book launch is being held on Thursday 11th July at Coffee Architects in Leamington Spa. Everyone is invited! Please do come and support the launch. Everyone who registers using the Eventbrite link will be entered into a prize draw to win a signed copy of the book on the evening. We look forward to seeing you there!

Chris's story

Chris started baking bread occasionally in the late 1970's. Nearly thirty years later his GP told him to learn to live without gluten. Finding the available gluten free bread terrible, he set out to develop naturally gluten free Real Bread. Through his Recipes For Living website he sells gluten-free recipes and online tuition around the world.

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