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Media, Press and Events 2014

This page is dedicated to highlighting our media interviews, press releases and events.

Wednesday March 19th 2014

I was invited onto a local straight talking business radio show, presented by Mark Sephton. A business mentor himself and radio DJ. From the FTSE 100, to a round up of local, national and international business stories, this is the show to inspire you if you run your own business. With great guests on hand to give business coaching you’ll get all the tips you need for success, whatever the state of the economy.

Hear the interview at 45 minutes in:

Wednesday 23rd April 2014 - Whizz Kidz Easter Event

This Easter Event will be on Wednesday 23rd April 2014. We will be running bread making workshops in collaberation with the Charity Whizz Kidz. The charity help to raise much needed funding for equipment for disabled children. This event is for the ambassadors of the Charity and is very much an Easter celebration of, arts, craft, breadmaking and lots of fun.

May 10th - 16th Bread Makers Week

We hope to be running bread making workshops through the week! Please contact us if you would like to register an expression of interest in one of the workshops.

Friday 16th May 2014 - Museums at Night Event - The BBC to do national and local coverage.

We are very excited to announce that we will be sharing the trading floor at this one off event with a unique and important part of Warwickshire's history and heritage, Charlecote Mill. A working musuem which makes stoneground flour using the same tools they did 100 years ago. They also happen to make our flour!

To find out more about this free event click on the link below:

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