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Rising Up! with the right tools

Making your own bread can be very theraputic and has been proven to help alleviate feelings of depression. The Real Bread Campaign has recently published a report titled

Rising Up, which has completed research into the theraputic and social benefits that bread making has on people who might be having a harder time of it than us.

Making bread, is a wonderfully fulfilling thing to do. From flour to final loaf, for me its the whole process from start to finish that I love! I want to show you how easy it can be, with the right tools to make your own.

Please Note: I have purposfully not included a spoon as I will always promote making bread by hand, however should you choose to use a spoon to mix, feel free!

You will need:

1. A steel mixing bowl.

2. A pair of good scales. I use electric ones as they are the most exact!

3. A set of measuring spoons

4. A measuring jug

5. Strong bread flour

6. Fresh yeast

7. Salt

8. Tap water

8. Cling film

9. A loaf tin

and last but not least PATIENCE:-)

So thats it!

In next weeks blog I will be sharing with you a simple white bread recipe, so you can put all the tools into action and make your own amazing, tasty fresh bread!

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