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Real Bread is edible art

Real Bread making for me is not disimilar to creating a piece of artwork,

sculpture is one example.

The process behind both require the initial idea of what the loaf of bread or

sculpture will be. Then follows the ingredients or materials you will need,

then the tools, followed by the physical process of creating the loaf of bread

or sculpture.

As with sculpture art there are building blocks and process's to follow, to

create a strong, lasting piece. With bread the fermentation of the dough builds the

strength and taste quality of the loaf. If you miss this process then you miss

an essential piece of the structure. Real Bread is alot more unpredictable than

a sculpture however. When bread is handmade with fresh, natural ingredients,

the bread is alive. The fermentation allows organic structures to take over and

unlike the artist, the baker must leave the bread to create its own crust and

flavour. The end result of a handmade, long fermented dough is a quality crumb.

The beauty in making Real Bread is its simplicity, its imperfection makes it

perfect and the finished piece will always be devoured in a matter of days!

If you havnt tried Real Bread yet or would like to know more about the

Real Bread Campaign check out their website. There is a listing of Real Bread

makers in the UK.

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