Real Bread and Life back to the Old Town

Old Leamington Town is where its at Friday Nights!

I know its getting colder and the urge to stay in, on a cold, maybe rainy, Friday evening can be tempting. I'm urging you to get your jackets on and come down to support a local rejuvination bid for our old town Leamington. Every Friday until the end of November as part of the Mary Portas Bid, to promote whats going on "down the bottom of town" a collection of budding business's from quality vintage clothing, a hot Pimms stall, Our Artsian Real Breads to authentic Italian cuisine, will be showcasing in a new Night Market. The Market is part of a bigger project in trying to rejuvinate interest and footfall to the old town of Leamington, which over the years has been slipping into a bit of a dark hole. With the work of the Mary Portas Bid team and the OTBA (Old Town Business Association), the intention is to build up the old town reputation as a safe, bohemian, cultural place to be. The Assembly, voted best live music venue in the UK 2013 is in the old town, so are some fantastic authentic indian cuisine houses, restaurants, bars, Vintage clothing shops and an eclectic mix of live music venues from House to Open Mic nights.

What ever your tastes are Old Town Leamington will have it. The night markets are running every Friday from 4pm - 9pm until 29th November on the closed off Clemens Road. See you there!

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