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If there is a will, there is a way!

I'd always wanted to have my own market stall. At the age of six I remember setting up a table outside of the family home and selling bagged up apples that we had found in the nearby park, for 10p a bag. Now thats what I call value!

So when the opportunity came up to run my own market stall, through the Mary Portas Bid for Old Town Leamington Spa, selling my homemade bread last week, I jumped at the chance!

30 years on and I was actually being given the opportunity to do one of the things I'd always wanted and in my local town. I had no idea how I was going to do it given that I have a domestic oven and an average sized kitchen, and minimal baking equipment. So with mind set, and ingredients at the ready I got to it! 12 hours later and the end result, 42 loaves of bread! phew...I had done it. Now all I had to do was to create a stall and sell my bread. This in itself was the easy part. The stall had been setup, the table had been made available. All I had to do was decorate it with yummy bread. The stall went amazingly well and so much positive reaction to our real bread. So a childhood dream had come true, I was as happy as larry!

Why not join in and support the rejuvination of Old Town Leamington Spa, by visiting the weekly market! Every Friday from 4pm until 9pm until the end of November on Clemens Street.

We'll see you there!

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