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Real Bread has arrived in Leamington Spa!

Have you always wanted to make your own wonderful Sourdough bread, a good hearty white loaf, a wholeseome wholemeal or maybe a focaccia to share with Pals?

Perhaps you're coming round to the idea that not all bread has to be soggy, additive rich, bland and covered in plastic?

Whichever it is then this is the place for you....I will be posting recipes, video's and tips on how to make the tastiest, yummiest, loveliest real bread by using only the most natural, basic ingredients. Flour, Water, Natural Yeast and Salt. As well as talking about news worthy food and bread events, articles and international bread news. This is the online space to chat, share and discuss everything bread!

I look forward to it:-)

Jessica Mooney, Founder and Baker

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