Our Philosophy​.....

​​At bread for life we believe that bread is at its tastiest and healthiest when it is made with fresh ingredients using time honoured methods. It is our desire as bread makers to ensure that the making and eating of fresh, strong bread reaches as many people as possible, especially our local community, through workshops, collaborations, demonstrations, festivals and events.

​​Our Promise to you.....​

​To teach you the very basics of real bread making, using locally milled flours, natural ingredients, and time honoured methods. As well as learning all about how to get that perfect gluten window we'll help guide you how to, shape, bake and make all sorts of breads and goodies from bagels, focaccia, pizza dough, donuts, fresh pasta, naan breads all the way through to 48 hour sourdough. Using only natural ingredients!


There are so many ways to enjoy your bread!


  • Dip It

  • Sandwich it

  • Dunk It

  • Toast It

  • Butter It

  • Tear it

  • Share it

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Check out our video to see what you could be doing at one of our workshops! In a collaborative, informal, fun environment! Click here to see current workshops and dates

The benefits of making your own bread and attending our classes!

You choose what ingredients go into YOUR bread.

No sneaky preservatives, additives, sugars or emulsifiers

Its a creative, social and fun skill to learn

We can cater for larger groups or team away days so you can have fun, skills sharing and collaborating together in an informal environment. Making it a great way to spend a day!

We provide everything for your class, including equipment, aprons, ingredients and a delicious lunch and afternoon tea.

You'll learn a life ling skill which you can practice and share at home with family and friends

We'll discuss the benefits of long fermenting breads and their nutritional benefits to our health.

You'll take a goodie bag home with all of the recipes, baked breads and a jar of our own 4 year old sourdough starter!

We support a number of local and national charities, through fundrasing events. If you would like to collaborate on an event which would support local business whilst supporting a charity please get in touch!