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To share skills teaching a  growing baking community how to make delicious, nutritious bread  and sourdough using locally milled flours  and natural ingredients.

We love to collaborate with our local community through workshops, festivals, live events and more. Learn to bake real bread from self taught passionate home bakers with one of our award winning experience days in Warwick and Stratford Upon Avon.

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Our Bread for Life home grown workshops have been awarded the top prize at the Local Foodie Awards as Best Food Experience 2021! We can't wait to teach you the very basics of real bread making, using locally milled flours, natural ingredients, and time honoured methods. As well as learning all about how to get that perfect gluten window we'll help guide you how to, shape, bake and make all sorts of breads and goodies from bagels, focaccia, pizza dough, donuts, fresh pasta, naan breads all the way through to 48 hour sourdough. Using only natural ingredients!

Perfect for presents, birthdays or even just build on your own bread making abilities; there's a workshop for everyone.


Our gift vouchers make wonderful presents! We love meeting new groups of all abilities, ready to teach all about the joys of baking. If you would like to treat a special someone to any of our workshops, why not purchase one of our best selling gift vouchers - or head to our Bake Shop to view our full range.