2019/2020 Workshops

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Sourdough, Naan Breads, Focaccia & Bagels

Our all day bread making experience covers the beautiful if not mysterious world of sourdough making.

Includes hydration rates, kneading techniques and tips on how to create that strong gluten window needed for the perfect homemade sourdough boule or sourdough focaccia bread.

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Artisan Sweet Dough Workshop with croissants

Learn how to make your own jammy donuts, chelsea buns, croissants and pain au chocolat

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Basic Introduction to Bread Making

Our half day introduction to bread making experience days cover the vary basics of bread making using locally milled flours and natural ingredients.


You will learn how to create that perfect gluten window to make your own beautiful bread at home with helpful tips and guidance throughout your afternoon.

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Wild Fermentary Workshops:

Fermenting Foods

Kombucha Cafe

Learn the basics to fermenting your own foods and drinks at home; a practical workshop with a good helping of science.

Learn which foods can easily be included in your diet. Includes jars of fermented vegetables and sourdough starter culture to take home, starter guides for making your own fermented drinks, and a delicious Healthy Gut lunch. Held at the beautiful Oken's Kitchen in Warwick. Click on the links to book!

>>Fermented Foods Workshop Saturday 14th September 2019

>>Kombucha Cafe Friday 6th September 2019

>>Fermented Foods Workshop Saturday 9th November 2019

We will be hosting a one off baking event at one of the nations largest business festivals in November. Come join us at Okens Kitchen! Click here to find out more and to book.

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